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We provide award-winning integrated learning management software and video-communication tools.

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Our software modules offer digital solutions for online learning. You can easily make e-books, video-trainings, certificates with testing, learning paths and much more.


Classroom training

If you need to manage hundreds of people following courses or seminars, you need to have a module that administrates everything for you. We provide such a module.



Video is the new black. We provide serveral modules that enhance the use of video in your software. Live-streaming, video conferencing and webmeetings are just serveral point solutions of our software.


Competence Management

A user, manager, trainer or administrator can easily manage competences in the system.


Performance Management

Personal Development Plans can give you the comfort of track and trace all the individual performances within your organisation.



Event Management

Our event planning tool makes it easy to follow up registrations, send automatic updates and manage hospitality and travel.




24 languages

Software is available in 24 languages. It doesn’t matter if you are a multinational or start-up. Our modules will fit your organisation.





You can integrate all business software with our application programming interface (API). Combining your HR active directory, accounting software, CRM or ERP modules is within the possibilities.



Mobile App

Our software is fully supported in smartphones and tablets.



Our video-conferencing system is your smart way to deal with today’s requirements for training.



With our content studio you can edit and develop trainings, e-books, video’s and much more.
You can even combine several content types with our innovative SmartBox.




With our online learningplatform (LMS) you can train, develop and test all you employees or external people.
Set up development plans and distribute accreditations.
Fortigro has an e-mail engine and event-planning tool, so your administrators, trainers and managers can focus on what really matters.







We deliver. We focus on your success, your timeframe and your budget and are not afraid to propose non-mainstream solutions.



Every mail we type, every line of code we write, every analysis document, every… breathes our drive to look beyond what’s possible and focus on what’s needed. We don’t settle for “almost”.

Highest standards

Highest standards

All senior & project mgmt profiles are trained extensively (certificates, MBA, Masters, etc) and are dedicated to delivering the highest standards each day.

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What our Clients say

  • While keeping our corporate identity, Fortigro has allowed us to formalise and define official certified training trajectories. The passive, optional nature of learning now belongs to the past for good.

    — Dieter Dumolin —
  • Fortigro helped us automate our sales training and partner communication. Since our collaboration we notice a substiantial increase in orders processed, and orders received.

    — Louis Dernoncourt —
  • I highly recommend Fortigro. Their down to earth approach combined with their trustworthiness was very refreshing. The project was a major success.

    — Addison Matthews —

Fortigro – Features

Discover our different solutions, off the shelf available, adaptable if needed. Click on the pictures in below to learn more.

User Experience

Fortigro is a software as a service, meaning you will not have to worry about IT-technical issues and hosting. We’ll take care of that. 

Fortigro is available in 24 languages.

Need a function that is not available in Fortigro? No worries, we can develop your need and make sure that the platform meets your requirements.

Fortigro is fully supported on every mobile device.

Data Management

When you use our SaaS it effectively becomes an extension of your company. So you need to have absolute confidence that it meets the standards you set for yourself or that you have to comply with. Our Datacenter is audited by a third party and meets international standards such as ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, HIPAA and NEN 7510

Fully CO2-Neutral
We also care about the environment. Our datacenter opperates fully CO2-neutral and is awarded with the green fan award.


Course Builder and Learning Paths (Competence Management)
In our content studio you can create trainings, e-books, video’s and much more. Build your own course via this integrated studio.
You can easily set up different courses in one learning path and appoint this path to a user or group of users.

Classroom training (Event Planning)
With our classroom training module, you can efficiently manage hundreds of classroom trainings with different sessions. With our resource managment tool you can even calculate the cost of such a training for the company. List your external trainers, required material and e.g. hotel-reservations.

Enterprise Video
This feature will help you massively when it comes to training and development. Video is today’s best practice in E-learning and knowledge transfer. Fortigro holds a training room, meeting room and video-conferencing tool.

Assessment & Certification
You can create tests in several different formats. Afterwards you can send out certifications and attestations if needed.

Multi-Portal Function
What if you would like to have a different portal per country or per business unit? No problem. With Fortigro you can set up different portals on the same base LMS. So a training made in Spain for your Spanish colleagues, can be appointed to a group in Argentina, without both of them having to see the portal of the other country. Knowledge transfer at its best.

White Label Portals
With the user-interface we can implement the layout of your company and even modify it if needed.

Course Library
Give learners a course library to browse, search and self-enroll

Reports & Dashboards
Review learner performance and gain insight into training impact with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, or create custom reports and have them delivered via email

In Fortigro you can upload SCORM  elearning standards.

Fortigro has a Drupal and WordPress integrator. This will provide you all the necessary tools to set up your online training platform.

Gamification & Leaderboards
Engage and motivate users with achievements, points, and badges, all based on their activity in the system

Messages & e-mail notifications
Fortigro has an e-mail engine which will provide you of multiple templates per occasion or action. You can set the system in order to send out automatic e-mails per required action.


Fortigro is able to communicate with every database or program with its strong API connection.

Document Management Systems
Fortigro can enable links with Dropbox, SharePoint, google docs and many more. This way you will be able to connect to every document management system.

Complexity is perspective

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Our Services

IT projects delivered with product scalability, combining best of both worlds


We provide solutions and advice to optimize your HR process through communication solutions and automation.

What we offer
  • Admin & Registration Module
  • Event Management Module
  • Technology
  • Implementation


Tell your story with a strong visual interactive experience, let us do the heavy lifting.

What we offer
  • Training and Testing
  • Learning Paths
  • Rapid Content Creation
  • Competence Management Module

Web & Mobile

Reach out and stay connected with your customers, prospects, employees and vendors.

What we offer
  • Integration
  • In-company app market
  • Design
  • New app development

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